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Elite Used Instrument Program

Welcome to our Elite Used Instrument Program (EUIP); the premium service for buying and selling used instruments. EUIP features only the finest used instruments that MCW has to offer, guaranteed to give the highest level performance that the horn can achieve.

All of our instruments in the EUIP

• Arrived to our shop in excellent condition or,
• Has been meticulously repaired and reconditioned for optimum performance capacity
• Are covered by MCW’s One Year Warrantee*

Each instrument received here at MCW is personally evaluated by Mark. After evaluation Mark will recommend to the seller the instrument either be placed directly on the Elite Used Instrument List or undergo MCW’s meticulous reconditioning, thus bringing it up to optimum performance. Only after receiving the MCW stamp of excellent is the instrument placed in our Elite Collection ready for purchase.

For over 35 years Mark Chudnow Woodwinds has been selling new and used instruments. During that time we have discovered that often when a used instrument is sent out for trial to a prospective buyer the instrument is rejected due to poor condition or disrepair, giving an unfair impression of the horn’s capabilities. Instruments on MCW’s Elite Used Instrument List are guaranteed to give the best possible impression, allowing the buyer to fully appreciate the instrument’s true value and excellence. And, of course, each horn is backed by MCW's One Year Warranty*.

As part of Mark Chudnow Woodwind’s continuing commitment to offering the finest quality service, we guarantee that our Elite Used Instrument Program will save you, the buyer, untold time and effort by offering the very finest of used instruments. As a seller, you know that your instrument will be presented in the very best condition possible, providing the greatest opportunity to find a truly appreciative buyer.

When you sell your instrument through our EUIP, you set your price, we do the work. Our standard commission rate is 15% of the instrument sale price. Any needed repairs are discussed. Payment for repair to be made when repairs are finished and before the instrument is listed for sale on our secure web site. 

See our current list of Elite Used Instruments here.

*Crack repair and damage due to abuse or negligence is not covered. Consumer's cost is limited to shipping and insurance charges, if applicable.