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About us

Established in 1984, Mark Chudnow Woodwinds has been a leading innovator in the design and development of double reed products since its inception. Mark started as a repairman in 1980 and is one of only a handful of Americans trained at the F. Lorée factory in France. He brought to the business an understanding and creativity not formerly found in the field. Mark quickly brought to fruition some of the many ideas he had developed in his years of talking and listening to musicians' complaints involving instruments and accessories.

Among the innovative improvements are the CA, Sierra and Chudnow line of staples.  The CAs were the first line of staples to be consistent, seamless and chamfered. Their unique bore has since been copied by numerous manufacturers. Introduced in 1992, the Chudnow oboe staples were a revolutionary concept in staples design. In 2011 Mark continued his track record of innovation with the release of the Chudnow A English horn staples. Again, receiving many accolades from the double reed community.  Mark's English Horn and Oboe d'amore bocals are also noteworthy. Each one is constructed with a "tenon cork" at the tip, insuring greater air-tightness and security than any other bocal on the market. Extremely popular among reed makers throughout the world are the precision MCW Deluxe hollow ground knives. On a whimsical note, Mark's introduction of colorful swabs has brightened the otherwise black or brown world of double reed accessories.

In 1990, the Sierra oboe was introduced as a natural extension of Mark's skills and interest. Debuting in 1991, the MCW Oboe represents Mark's endeavor to provide an oboe of professional quality at an affordable price. Designed for the intermediate to advanced level student, the MCW oboe truly represents handcrafted excellence for the serious student.