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The Ultimate Expression of Perfection

With almost 40 years of experience, Mark has worked on literally thousands of oboes. From minor adjustments to making instruments, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the repair bench. His expertise enables him to coax the best out of an instrument and is widely recognized throughout the profession. His ability to get an instrument to seal perfectly results in a unique resonance with a broader overtone spectrum. Technical refinements also bring an advantage to the musician. Changing critical bumper corks to leather, adjusting springs for a crisper feel, making minor mechanical modifications—all these improvements culminate in greater technical facility and impeccable response. These modifications also result in an instrument that is easier to adjust and holds the proper adjustments longer.

Only after these changes are introduced can the true characteristics of the instrument be realized.

As important as the initial set-up of a new instrument is, regular servicing guarantees that the instrument will continue to maintain its peak performance characteristics. All new instruments purchased through Mark Chudnow Woodwinds are covered by a two-year warranty with a highly suggested once a year clean, oil and adjust. This insures that the instrument will continue to perform at the optimum level at which the manufacturer intended. Priority appointments are given to instruments under warranty.




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