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F. Lorée

Established in 1881 by Francois Lorée, the firm F. Lorée was instrumental in the many innovations and developments of the day resulting in the introduction of the French Conservatory Plateau system. Upon his death in 1902 Francois's son, Lucien takes over the factory until 1925 when instrument maker Raymond Dubois purchases the company. Lucien Lorée remains with the firm and in 1945 is joined by Robert de
Gourdon, M. Dubois's son-in-law. Collaborating together they work on the many refinements and nuances that make the instruments of F. Lorée truly works of art. In 1967, Alain de Gourdon, Robert's son and current Chairman of the Firm begins his tenure. As the creative and business leader of F. Lorée, he propels the company to prominence in the oboe world. Anne de Gourdon, Alain's sister, plays an integral part in the running of the business and is a most engaging and charming representative of F. Lorée.

Tradition and Innovation
The reputation of F. Lorée instruments is based on a tradition of meticulous attention to detail as well as one of research, development and innovation. The wood, carefully selected pieces of Grenadilla from Mozambique, is aged for more than five years in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The keys are forged from solid nickel silver, then plated with such a thick coat of silver or gold that it could bear the official French hallmark.

The exacting tolerances kept to when fitting the mechanism results in a highly dependable mechanism. Cork pads seated on airtight tone holes produce the ease of response and ability to achieve the subtle nuances that have been synonymous with the mark F. Lorée for decades.

A permanent staff training program and active participation of the technicians in a quality control program insures that Loree strive for perfection remains constant. It is only after passing numerous stringent final tests that the instrument deserves to be stamped with the name F. Lorée.

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